Houston Precision Fasteners offers experience, flexibility, creativity and dedication to all of our clients. We are proud to provide our products with lead times far superior to our competition. Lead times average 16-18 weeks for most materials.

HPF fabricates standard and customer-designed parts to your exact specifications. Parts are supplied with our certificate of conformance and test reports at no charge. Our products are equal to, and in some cases far superior to our competition.

The time to buy U.S. products is now, and the place to get them is at Houston Precision Fasteners.

With the current fastener shortages, and lead times growing, production delays and Aircraft-On-The-Ground (AOG’s) are common. HPF is the company to trust when delivery is critical. Our capabilities are expanding exponentially (Materials Testing – Tensile, Fatigue, Double Shear, Stress Durability, Metallurgical Examination (Micro/Macro), Positive Material Identification (PMI); Recess Torque Testing; Magnetic Permeability; NDT - Liquid Penetrant; Salt Spray Corrosion Testing; Heat Treatment; & Surface Treatment/Coatings (Passivation, Aluminum Coating (Spray Application), Cetyl Alcohol, & Dry Film Lubricant). This allows us to fast track and/or expedite orders in as little as 1-2 to 2-3 weeks on most fasteners.

Houston Precision Fasteners produces high strength, fatigue rated, close tolerance fasteners using materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, nickel alloy, titanium, waspaloy, A-286, monel and multiphase. Head styles include 12 point, spline, hex, pan, recess, slab and specials. Our diameter capability starts at a #6 up thru 1 ½ inch.

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